6 Mar 2015

To Marx or not to Marx?

On the 4th of March, four teachers; a linguist, a philosopher, a historian and a scientist were summoned to the library for a highly anticipated debate with the motion ‘this house believes that the ideal state of the future is a communist utopia’. One vision; the ideal civilisation of the future as a communist “utopia”. One event; a rare, heated, lively, thought-provoking, intellectually stimulating, highly relevant and hugely entertaining teacher’s for-and-against war!

The debate attracted some sixty fired-up students seated in the cosy, close setting of the library, watching with anticipation as the senior students who chaired the event – Shimali de Silva and Angelina Li – announced its commencement.


Students and teachers enticed by the heated debate!  Photo: Henry Lui 11G2


Both the proposition and the opposition made compelling arguments and questions were fired interactively by sharp students from the floor, collectively touching on a vast range in the facets of the motion such as flourishing, uniformity and conformity within a Marxist system, the historical and technological development of humanity and society, biology and inherent selfishness as well the titular concept of “utopia” itself. Of course, this wasn’t without heavy sighs of exasperation and bright peals of laughter from the captivated audience as the debaters loaded witty jabs and (terrible!) puns in their scholarly verbal artillery!











The opposition looking confident!  Photo: Henry Lui 11G2


 Victory was sealed when Mr. O’ Leary revealed his Karl Marx T-shirt! Photo: Henry Lui 11G2

Christy Tsang 12G1