16 Feb 2015

PTSA-led Chinese New Year Activities

To spread the joyful spirit of Chinese New Year, the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) organised stalls on the 12th of February, providing free Chinese New Year themed delicacies and decorations. From lanterns made of red packets to freshly cooked radish cake, there were a wide variety of CNY themed goods that everybody appreciated.

Throughout the break, both students and teachers crowded the stall. At the food section, traditional Chinese New Year treats served included daikon radish cake (luo-bo gao) and sticky rice cake (nian-gao). This gave students an opportunity to a taste of Chinese New Year. And to those who have – a delightful snack spread the festive spirit and happiness! Creative lanterns made of red packets were given at another area of the stall, which are assuredly now dangling amongst lockers and in classrooms.


 Mr Morris with PTSA volunteers!  Photo: Mr Mike Chiu


Calligraphists at this event wrote Chinese messages on red paper as a traditional Chinese New Decoration for students, traditionally called “fui-chun” in Chinese. At the stall, these came in a selection of ten different lucky messages, from meanings of ‘hope your wishes come true’ to ‘wishing you good health’. Jon Ayden, 13, comments: “A great way to get everybody warmed up for the holiday season – the food was delicious and watching calligraphers write the messages for you on the spot was an awesome experience.”


Students show off their fai-chun!  Photo: Mr Mike Chiu

This event had certainly set the mood for the previously upcoming holidays, promoting the happiness and celebration. A huge thank you to the Parent Teacher Student Association for organising this event, and the parent volunteers who sacrificed their time to prepare and serve the food!

Martha Tin 10G2