27 Apr 2017

CAS Activities at Sha Tin College Term 3 2017

For this term the activity sign up will take place on Friday 28th April from 8.15am and the activities will begin from Thursday 4th May onwards.  Activities can be viewed on Smart from Thursday 27th April onwards.

As we did last term, we will be handling student activity sign up via Smart rather than the Gateway system we have used previously. This is part of our ongoing strategy to consolidate our digital systems which brings various benefits to the community.

Students have been briefed on how to access the new system via email and have a short ‘How to’ video if they are still unsure.  There is a major change parents need to be aware of.  When your child signs up for an Activity, you will receive a notification email, requesting that you agree to your child’s participation.  You have seven days to click the link giving your consent to their involvement.

As always we would like all of our students to join in with activities at Sha Tin College and in term 1 there was a great uptake from the students of the activities that were available.

Our expectation is that once a student has chosen an activity we expect them to be fully committedto that activity and attend on a regular basis. We would be grateful if parents could help the students to make sensible and informed choices about the activities that they sign up for.  There are many options to choose from, some are continuing from last term and some are completely new, but we are confident that all students can find something that they enjoy.

If you have any problems contact Mrs. Parry via email parryj1@stconline.edu.hk
Ms. C. Larkin       Mrs. J. Parry
Principal              Senior Leader