2 May 2017

The Blind Concert

Sha Tin College’s Oculus team of the 2016-2017 school year introduced a new innovative music event in the hopes of raising awareness for the visually impaired. In co-operation with Orbis, a non-profit non-governmental charity organization looking to save sight worldwide, the Blind Concert was brought to light.

Created by a team of just 8 students, musical performers from across Hong Kong schools were invited to perform for a blind-folded audience. The purpose of these blindfolds was to allow for a greater appreciation of sight and music. An overall of 14 musical performances took place, including a surprise teacher performance from Sha Tin College. The unique experience enlightened many and is thought to be the beginning of a new event legacy that will be passed onto the successors of the next Oculus team.

“Voix Célestes”, a chamber choir from KGV perform “The Long Day Closes” by Arthur Sullivan.

The MC of the night and project co-leader, Andrian Chan of 12D1, voiced his thoughts on the night: “The concert has been on the back of our minds for 8 months, and we had to give it our all for it to succeed the way it did. Our aim was to allow audience members to appreciate music in a fun and different way. If we had succeeded in influencing even one person and heighten their understanding about our cause, that would be more than enough for us.”

This year, the Oculus team were able to raise over $40,000 HKD across all charity events, and the entire team expresses their gratitude for their supporters to the cause.

To explore more about Oculus and Orbis, follow this link: https://www.facebook.com/oculusstc/videos/706542622864418/

Daniel Rothwell, 12D1