13 Dec 2016

Year 9 Parents’ Consultation Evening – Tuesday, 10th January 2017

Dear Parents/Guardians,
You are invited to attend the Year 9 Parents’ Consultation on Tuesday, 10th January 2017. Feedback we have received about previous Year 9 Parents’ Consultation has indicated that some staff who have a lot of classes can’t accommodate all of their students. This was particularly problematic for those students wanting to gain advice for the coming years if they were considering taking the subject at IGCSE. As a result we want to ask you to only book if your son/daughter is interested in taking the subject in Year 10. For the same reason we will not offer appointments with GTS teachers this year, as many of these teachers also teach other Year 9 subjects. We anticipate that the combination of these two restrictions will give priority to those students thinking of taking the subject further.
From Tuesday, 3rd January (at 12.00pm), you can make appointments to see your child’s teachers via the Gateway in the Parent Consultation module. The booking system will close at 12.00pm on 9th January. Please refer to the following link for instructions on how to make appointments:
Instructions on How to Use the Parent Consultation Module:
There is a detailed floor plan attached to this letter which indicates the location of all subject teachers. Therefore, please use this as you are planning your appointments to ensure that there is sufficient movement time between teachers and locations. We recommend a minimum of five minutes between appointments.
Floor Plan:
Teacher Seating Chart:
In addition, there will be an opportunity to listen to a presentation by our Careers and Higher Education Counsellors, Mr. Campbell and Mr. Stott, about how our (I)GCSE programmes relate to future pathways and career choices. This seminar will be held in Room 231 at 4.30pm and will be repeated again at 5.00pm. The talk will last approximately 30 minutes, so please be aware that during your selected seminar you should avoid making appointments to see your child’s subject teachers. Please reply to Middle School Section Administrator at jacqueline.kwan@shatincollege.edu.hk to confirm which session you wish to attend and how many people will be in attendance. Mr Campbell and Mr Stott will also be available for booking on the evening for those parents who have more general questions about the Higher Education.
Finally, we would like to point out that some classes in Year 9 have two teachers delivering the subject. In this case only one of the teachers will be available for you to book with, although they have discussed in detail the progress of the students in the class.
The Gateway can be accessed at the link https://sc.tg.esf.edu.hk. If you have any difficulties logging into or using the Gateway please email our support desk at gatewaysupport@shatincollege.edu.hk.
You are advised to bring the confirmed appointment listing, which can be printed via Gateway. We look forward to seeing you on the 10th January.
Yours Sincerely,
Mrs Sian May                                      Mr Mo Devlin
Head of Middle School                       Head of Year 9