19 Dec 2016

Sports Day 2016

Sha Tin College’s annual Sports Day was held on December 12 at HKIED, where STC’s four houses-Dragon, Griffin, Pegasus, and Phoenix-once again gathered in their house colours for a morning of fierce competition. As one of the most prominent house events of the year, Sports Day sparked a lot of excitement amongst students both before and during the event.

A lively atmosphere was maintained during the whole event through the never-ending screams and cheers from the stands. Weeks prior to this event, all four houses also started preparing a short cheerleading choreography, which they performed on the day. The hard work and time put into each dance was prevalent, as all four performances heightened the energy and optimism of everyone present.

Pegasus leaders embody the essence of house spirit! Photo: Shannon Chu

“It was really heartwarming to see all the students cheering for each other,” commented Marissa Mak of 12P2, a new student and a Pegasus Student Leader. “Even though I’ve only been here for a few months, I really feel like a part of the Pegasus family, and can’t wait for the remaining house events!”

“While juggling four events, cheerleading, and trying motivating the kids in the stands to cheer, this was by far my busiest Sports Day yet,” commented Theo Hui of 12G2, a Griffin Head of House. “Even with my muscles cramping and voice vanishing, I could really feel the true Sports Day and Griffin spirit! ”

Year 9 Boys run 200 meters Photo: Julian Tong

Aimed to celebrate their last Sports Day, walking a lap on the track at the end of the event is a tradition for the Y13 students. After all the fierce competition, this long-lasting tradition allows the final-year students to be recognized for their several years of contribution to the school. “I think it’s really meaningful,” commented Joyce 13P1. “I’ve watched the previous Y13s do it year after year and it’s a really great way to celebrate my final year in STC.”

In the end, Griffin won the Boys’ Overall, while Phoenix won the Girls’ Overall and took home both the Overall Cup and the Spirit Cup. However, all four houses fought hard and diligently, as shown through the athletic ability on the track and field, and the never-ending sound of support resonating in the stands.

Here is a collection of photos from the day!

Laurel Lee, 12D2