14 Sep 2018

Year 9 Geography Field Trip Reminder

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students

Please be reminded of the Geography fieldwork next week.

As part of the Year 9 Geography course we will be taking all of the students out of school for a day to carry out some fieldwork related to the topic they have been studying in class, Pollution in Hong Kong. To study aspects of this important issue at the local scale the students will investigate whether there are any spatial patterns in the quality of the environment of different areas of Hong Kong.

Students will be split into groups to visit different locations around Kowloon. This will involve travelling on the MTR and students should bring an Octopus card or sufficient change for their journey. Although two members of staff will accompany each group, students will be working independently at times (they will be advised to stay in groups of four). They will meet staff at regular intervals at agreed map locations. It is important that students follow all the safety and behavioral instructions given to them by staff. The students will be using map work skills, drawing annotated sketches, taking photographs, completing surveys and collecting a range of data at each location.

The dates that the groups will be out are;

  • Day 1: Monday 17th September – Pegasus & Phoenix (9.5, 9.6, 9.7, 9.8)
  • Day 2: Thursday 20th September – Dragon & Griffin (9.1, 9.2, 9.3, 9.4)

The students must wear normal school uniform on the day. They should check the weather forecast to see whether sun cream or waterproofs are required. A packed lunch and drinks could be carried in a suitable bag, although it will be possible to buy food and drink during the day.

All students will need a clipboard or sheet of stiff card to work on, as well as pen, pencil and a ruler. A camera would be useful, although students could share one in their group.

Students travelling home

If you have ticked the box “I confirm that my child will make their own way home after the trip.” Then we will directing students to the nearest MTR station and checking they are happy with their route home.

Please be aware there is an option for the students to be accompanied back to school with staff. Please note this means if you have NOT ticked the box I confirm that my child will make their own way home after the trip.” Then students will accompany the staff member back to Sha Tin College on public transport.

All students will be registered at the end of the trip before being allowed to make their own way home.

Typhoon warning: If your child is on fieldwork on Monday please be aware we may need to postpone the trip. If we are postponing the trip I will email you on Sunday afternoon (please check your email) when we have a clearer picture of the typhoon track. IN this instance students will be expected to attend lessons if school is not closed.

If you have any questions concerning this trip then please contact me.

Kind regards

Ms. Claire Heap

Head of Geography

Head of Individuals & Societies Faculty

Sha Tin College