27 Sep 2016

Year 8 CAS Week 3rd to 7th October 2016

Dear Parents and Guardians


Year 8 CAS Week 3rd to 7th October 2016

As you are aware, during CAS Week your child will participate in a creative and innovative week working with Scottish Opera to produce two junior operas. Throughout the week, students will be coached and guided through intensive and energetic rehearsals by the Scottish Opera team, Year 12 Student Leaders and STC Staff. They will sing, play musical instruments, dance, act, work with media, costumes, stage and set design.

Venue and Transport:

Due to the ongoing building works at Sha Tin College, the school hall is not available so we will be at Sha Tin College for Monday and Tuesday, and at KGV school for Wednesday and Thursday. We will provide buses, to and from STC, on these days. On Thursday evening, we will provide one bus for those students whose families cannot pick them up. It will go to Sha Tin MTR. Please indicate on the Google form or the slip below if you would like your child to travel on this bus.


CAS Week will culminate in a matinee performance for Sha Tin Junior students and/or KGV students and an evening performance for STC parents/family on Thursday 6th October, at 6.00pm, at KGV School Hall,  2 Tin Kwong Rd, Ho Man Tin, Kowloon. Doors will open at 5.00pm and light refreshments will be available outside. You are warmly invited to attend but please note a maximum of only two guests per child can be accommodated. Please complete the Google form here (you will need a google account): https://goo.gl/forms/z4ee1XG4wj3TQARv1  if you wish to attend this evening performance, or you may complete the attached ticket form. Parking is not available at KGV so please make other arrangements.   Taxis companies are being informed of the timing of the concert and will be available at the end of the performance.

Information about the week:

❏        During CAS Week your child should be at school no later than 8.15am each day to register.  Students will finish at the usual time of 3.20pm on Monday 3rd, Tuesday 4th,Wednesday 5th. On Thursday 6th October, students will remain at KGV school in preparation for the evening performances and we will  provide them with pizza. This performances begin at6:00 pm and are expected to conclude at approximately 7.30pm.

❏        On Friday 7th October, the students will be expected back in Sha Tin College for themorning only, for reflection activities. They will then be free to make their own way home, or use school transport which will be available at 3.20pm, as usual.

❏           All students are required to wear school PE kit for the week’s rehearsals.

We believe that this is a unique, innovative and creative educational experience which students will love and never forget.  Through music, art, design, theatre and film, students will have an integrated learning experience working with Scottish Opera and they will be taken from the comforts of their classroom to the stage and multi-arts world of Opera! We look forward to celebrating their many achievements together as a school community.

If you require any further information, please feel free to contact me at  nichon1@stconline.edu.hk


Yours sincerely,



Noah Nicholson

Head of Music


Please return this slip to the Lower School Office or complete the Google form

We/I wish to attend the Y8 parent/family performance with the Scottish Opera on Thursday 6th October at 6.00pm at KGV school in Kowloon


My child’s name and tutor group details are ___________________________________


I would like my child to catch the Bus Back to Sha Tin MTR on Thursday evening   YES/ NO (please circle)


The number of guests from our household: (Please circle as appropriate)   1    2.


Parent’s/guardian’s name _______________________________________________



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