11 May 2017

Year 7 Drama conference

Dear Year 7 students and parents,
On June 8th at Discovery College there will be the first ever Year 7 Drama conference.
This event aims to replicate the very successful Drama Conference which has run for many years now. At these conferences the students benefit greatly from the shared experience of working alongside their peers from other schools whilst learning new ideas from the skilled Drama professionals that work within the ESF.On June 8th there will be sessions on the following Theatre styles and techniques.
(DC):    Shakespeare
(WIS):   Physical Theatre
(IS):      Mask
(SIS):    Greek Theatre
KGV):   Documentary Theatre
(RC):    Panto
(SC):    Commedia
If you would like your child to attend then please sign the form below. The students should wear casual and comfortable clothing as they will be moving around a lot and the students also need to bring a packed lunch, a snack and a water bottle.
It is important to note that there are only 15 places available to each school so I would encourage you to get your forms in quickly as the list will be decided on a first come first served basis. Please hand your forms to Mr Harris in the Drama office by the morning of Friday 12th May. We will make a charge towards the cost of the return bus trip to Lantau of 50 dollars and we will try to stick to normal school timings for the day, where possible.
I look forward to hearing from you .
Yours sincerely,
Neil Harris
Head of Drama



_________ I would like my child to attend the Yr 7 Drama conference.


________ I can confirm that their medical records are up to date on Gateway.


_________ I enclose a cheque for 50 dollars made payable to Sha Tin College.


_____________________________________ Name of student


____________  Tutor group