10 May 2017

Year 12 Geography IA data collection, Tuesday 16th May, 2017

Dear Parents / Guardians,

RE: Rescheduled Year 12 Geography IA data collection – Tuesday 16th May, 2017

Due to inclement weather we have had to postpone the fieldwork to ensure our students can safely enjoy the experience. We would like to reschedule the data collection for their coursework to look at coastal processes and landforms on the Clear Water Bay beaches for Tuesday 16th May.

As before students need to look at the weather forecast for each day when deciding what to wear and bring. They also need to look at the guidelines below;

Tuesday 16th May: Clearwater Bay Beaches, coursework data collection
A bus will take us from school to CWB at 08:30am and students will catch public buses from Clearwater Bay in the afternoon to make their own way home. Students should swipe in and register with their tutor as usual and then meet in the corridor outside room 157 to collect the fieldwork equipment they will need for the day.

Students will need clothes suitable for an entire day outside. Bring extra layers, hat, waterproof, etc as appropriate. You will need to wear appropriate footwear as some areas are rocky, we will walk along slippery footpaths, and there are often sharp objects on the beach. No-one will go into the sea above their knees to collect data, but a towel might be useful.

You should bring everything needed for your fieldwork; data sheets, equipment, camera, etc. You will also need a packed lunch, snacks and drinks. There may be shops open at one of the beaches but we cannot guarantee this so come prepared.

We are currently looking into rescheduling the Bluff Island visit and will inform you of our decision in due course. Students have already contributed towards the cost of this trip when they registered at the start of this academic year, the remainder will be subsidised by the Geography department.

Please complete and sign the form and return it to your geography teacher.

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards

Claire Heap, Karen Griffiths, Richard Overens



Risk assessment


Please sign the permission slip below
RE: Year 12 Geography IA data collection, Tuesday 16th May, 2017Student Name: …………………………………     Teaching Group: …………………
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____ I give permission for my child to attend the rescheduled Geography Field Trip on Wednesday 10th May

____ I confirm that all medical information  & contact details about my child are up to date on Gateway.
____ I give permission for my child to make their own way home
____ I confirm that my child can confidently swim 50m unaided

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