18 Sep 2019

Year 7 CAS Week – 30 Sept – 4 Oct 2019

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As you are aware, during CAS Week your son/daughter will participate in a creative and innovative week working with the International Schools Theatre Association, ISTA. Throughout the week, students will unpack and explore the theme, “All Together Now”, through intensive and energetic rehearsals by the ISTA team, Year 12 Student Leaders and STC Staff. They will sing, play musical instruments, dance, act, work with media, costumes, stage and set design.

The week will culminate in an evening experience for family on Thursday 3rd October at 6pm and a morning experience for Sha Tin Junior students on Friday 4th October in the Sha Tin College Hall. You are warmly invited to attend the family performance.   

Transportation and school times remain the same for Year 7 students during CAS Week. The exceptions to note are Tuesday 1st Oct (holiday) and Thursday 3rd October. On Thursday 3rd October, students will remain in school for the family experience at 6pm. Pizza will be provided for students on Thursday evening. This performance is expected to conclude at approximately 7:20pm. 

Two pieces of homework for Year 7 students: Bring laptops on Monday. Bring bedding – duvet covers, blankets, pillows, pyjamas – for use during the week. Child, adult, baby – the more variety, the better. Please mark these with your child’s name and tutor group.

Please refer to the schedule below for uniform and materials on each day.

Monday PE kit. Bring laptop and bedding.
Tuesday Holiday
Wednesday PE kit.
Thursday Drama kit. Stay at school.
Friday School uniform. Bring black leggings or shorts from the Drama kit.


We believe this will be a week of diversity, collaboration, celebration, play, friendship and collegiality. Through theatre arts, students will have an integrated learning experience to respond to the prompt, ‘All Together Now.’ We look forward to what that response will be.


Jacqueline Swain                                                            Debbie Hanley
Year 7 CAS Week Coordinator                                     Head of Year 7