19 Nov 2017

Year 12 Celebration

On the morning of October 23rd, smartly dressed Year 12 students and teachers gathered in the sports hall to celebrate their transition from Year 11 into the Senior School. The morning consisted of several performances by different groups and members from the year, as well as speeches from students and staff, including an address given by the principal of Sha Tin College, Ms Larkin.

Highlights of the assembly included a piano piece performed by Phoenix Wang (12D2), played as students trickled into the sports hall; a heartfelt speech given by Cherry Wong of (12P1), as she recalled and shared her experiences in Middle School; A rendition of “These Are The Moments I Remember” by Ashlyn Chau (12X2), Bonnie Ng (12D1), Brian Li (12G1), and Matthew Ng (12G2) from Riverdale; and a Glee 2017 mashup performed by Carliss Ling (12D1), Claire Jung (12D1), June Lee (12G1), Samantha Lam (12X2), and Sharon Lee (12D1).

Cherry Wong, 12P1 gives her speech.

Awards were also given out to those who had shown remarkable achievement during their time in the Middle School: Brian Li (12G1), Cana Leung (12D2), Crystal Sek (12X1) and Yann Chan (12G1) received awards for Academic Achievement; Rachael Atter (12P2), Rachel Sung (12X1), and Sharon Lee (12D1) were awarded for their Academic Improvement; and Bonnie Ng (12D1), Harry Yu (12G1) and Martha Chow (12X1) were congratulated for their Overall Contribution.

The assembly also came with a surprise – the hosts Bonnie Ng (12D1) and Jeremy Lai (12X2) asked students to look for a piece of paper that had been taped underneath a chair with a special message written on it. Clement Chiu, who discovered the paper, read out the message, which encouraged people to participate in Elysian, Sha Tin College’s fashion show – a feat of self-promotion that caused laughter among many in the year group.

As the assembly began to come to a close the students were told that they would each receive a certificate congratulating them for graduating Middle School – however, each person was handed someone else’s certificate and told to take a picture with the student once they had been found. This meant that students had to seek out the owners of the certificate and pass it on themselves, an activity that soon filled the sports hall with searching students and those taking pictures to commemorate the event.

The celebration continued in the Senior School Centre during morning break, where various snacks and drinks were laid out for students to enjoy.

Congratulations to all our Y12 students! Good luck in the years to come; we look forward to seeing all your achievements in the year to come.

Leeann Tong, 12G2