17 Nov 2017

Christian Action Shoe Box Appeal 2017

Christian Action Christmas Shoe Box Appeal 2017


Dear Parents and Guardians


I am writing with information about a Sha Tin College charity appeal to help support refugee children in Hong Kong. Last year Sha Tin College donated over 400 Christmas shoe box gifts to the charity Christian Action and our aim is to do the same again this year. It would be wonderful if you are able to contribute to our appeal. Here are the details:


This year each shoe box needs to contain:


  1. Stationary so that the child is able to attend lessons.
  2. A new reusable water bottle.
  3. White socks for school.
  4. A new plastic reusable lunchbox
  5. Treats of your choice.


Ideally the contents of the shoebox need to be new or in excellent condition. Shoeboxes need to be wrapped with a label indicating which age group and gender your gifts are more suitable for. The refugee children are aged from 6-18 years old. The shoe boxes will be a Christmas gift for the refugee children who often arrive in Hong Kong with no possessions. Unfortunately the law in Hong Kong does not allow refugees to work and so refugee families are reliant on charities like Christian Action to provide basic necessities.


Please see the following link which provides some more information about the appeal. Please see the video of our 2016 appeal attached. Here is the video of the appeal from 2015



The final deadline for shoe boxes is Monday 4th December.

On behalf of the Charity Christian Action I would like to thank you in advance for supporting the refugee children in Hong Kong.


Warm wishes


Lucie Purves

Head of Lower School