15 Apr 2016

Year 11 textbook return


Dear Students, Parents and GuardiansRe: Year 11 textbook return

I am writing to inform you about the arrangements for Year 11 students to return the textbooks that they have borrowed from the school following their (I) GCSE examinations.Students may use the books for their final revision but should return them following their last examination and by June 21st at the latest.

All text books should be returned to the Whitehouse or the Finance Office (Room 222). The students will need to bring their school registered octopus card. Once the books have been scanned each student will receive a receipt confirming which books have been returned. Please note that the students must return the same copy of each book which was originally allocated to them in reasonable condition.Following this date students may be sent an invoice to cover the costs of any unreturned books. These could be either lost, returned damaged or incorrect books.

Please note that all students must have successfully returned all their books or paid any outstanding bills before being able to register successfully for the forthcoming academic year in August 2016.We thank you for your support with this.
Yours faithfully,Greg Thornton
Vice Principal