13 Apr 2016

Y13 IB Examinations 2016

13 April 2016

Dear Y13 Parents and Students,

The IB examinations will take place from Monday 2nd May to Friday 20th May and study leave will begin on Monday 25th April. Your subject teachers will all be available during your normal timetabled lessons to support you during the week beginning 25th April.

Attached to this letter are the following documents

  • Personalised IBO timetable (distributed in Y13 Assembly)
  • Details of any clashes that you have, if any

It is essential that you see Ms. Wan in Room 117 as soon as possible about arrangements for your clashes.

  • School timetable

Please make sure that you know the start time of all your exams and be in the undercover area at least 15 minutes before your exams are due to start.

  • Details of how and when to obtain your results

With this you are able to access your results via the internet. Please do not lose these details.

  • IB instructions to candidates (‘Conduct of the examinations 2016’)

Details of what you can and cannot do during the examinations. Please read this document very carefully.



TI – Nspire: All calculators must be in “press to test” mode for the start of all exams.

TI 84: any RAM/ROM memory or data stored on calculators must be reset before exams such that only approved apps remain in the calculator memory and all programs are deleted.

Please note that the only permitted and useful Apps on your TI84 are: PolySmlt and CtlgHlp. In addition,Finance cannot be removed and Language Support Apps are permitted. No programs are permitted.

Random checks will be made during the exams by invigilators and perhaps by IB representatives from the regional office.

You MUST read the document “Use of calculators in examinations 2016” for details before the IB examinations. This document is available on SMART:

SMART —> Students  —> Exams and Testing —> Exams —> Y13 Exam (May)

Typhoons and Rainstorm Warnings

In the event of a Typhoon 8 signal, all examinations will be postponed. In the event of a red/black rainstorm warning, please listen to the radio for announcements with regard to exams and check the school website. You must assume that public exams will take place, even if schools are officially closed, unless there is a separate announcement postponing exams. In the event of postponements, there will be announcements about re-scheduling. Again listen to the radio (the most comprehensive advice is broadcast on RTHK Radio 3, English Language Service AM – 567 MHz) and check for information on the school website or contact the exams office on 2699 1811 or 2607 9119.

Examination scripts

To accommodate the scanning of examination scripts so that clear images can be created and sent to examiners for marking, it is essential that candidates observe the following:

  • Candidates must write their answers using black or blue ink and draw graphs using a HB pencil with a soft lead. Colours can only be used in the Geography examinations.
  • If a candidate wishes to write a plan for an answer or work out the answer to a question (perhaps in Mathematics), this plan or working out must be shown in their answer booklet and not on separate scrap/rough paper.
  • Graph paper must only be used for drawing graphs, and should not be used as answer papers for text responses. Candidates must write their name and session number on each sheet of graph paper used.
  • The instructions for completing the coversheet and the way in which questions numbers should be written in the answer booklets must be observed.
  • When joining together the items that comprise a script, the following sequence must be followed:

1. The (blue) answer cover sheet.

2. The structured/write-on examination paper, if appropriate to the examination.

3. Answer booklets (or squared paper) in the order in which they were used.

4. Graph paper, if used.

These items must be secured together using the string tag provided by the IB.

On e-marked examination papers, candidates must write their answers within the boxes on the paper.  If candidates are unable to complete their answer within the box given, they should continue their answer on supplementary answer booklets and indicate that they have done this within the answer box (such as writing “Continued on separate answer booklet”).

Candidates’ use of pencils in examinations

Candidates must write in either blue or black ink (except for multiple choice papers). Candidates should use HB pencils for drawing (graphs, for example) and for multiple choice papers.

Enquiry Upon Results (EUR)

Following publication of the examination results, Component scores will be posted to candidates on 11th July 2016.

  1. Should you wish to ask for a re-mark, you must contact Ms. Wan and Mr. Hoang by e-mail or in person in Room 117.  Please note the following:
  • Grades can go up or down
  • No EUR can be made until the required fee has been paid
  • The deadline for re-marks is 12th September 2016
  1. Should you wish to re-take any examinations in November 2016 you must contact Ms. Wan by e-mail or in person in Room 117.  Full examination fees must be paid on registration.  The deadline for re-take entries is 26th July 2016. After this date, the IB charges a premium fee for late registration.

Other important notes to candidates:

Please note that students will not be allowed to take bags, smartwatches and phones into the examination hall. These items will need to be stored in a secure location outside the hall and it is the responsibility of each individual student to ensure the security of their own belongings.

For identification purposes, you must put your Hong Kong ID card, personalized Octopus card (with photo) or STC Student card on the top right hand corner of your table during all examinations.

If you or your parents have any queries about the examinations please feel free to e-mail one of us at the College.

Wishing you all the very best for the upcoming examinations.

Iris Wan                                             Cliff Imeson                                  Paul Hoang
Exams Administrator                       Assessment Coordinator          Vice Principal
iris.wan@shatincollege.edu.hk     ci@shatincollege.edu.hk         ph@shatincollege.edu.hk