7 Oct 2015

Year 11 Geography Field trip


7th October, 2015

Dear Parents / Guardians of Year 11 students,

As part of the IGCSE Geography course we will be taking all of the students out of school to visit the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park and the Fo Tan Industrial Area.  The students will complete some tasks around the sites, comparing the layout, land use and facilities.  We will also visit a business in the park to hear about the advantages of the location for high-tech businesses. The students will hopefully then understand the purpose and the advantages of each location for that type of economic activity. The fieldtrip will take place on Monday November 2nd.

The students will leave school after morning registration. Students will travel between locations on public transport and will need an octopus card or cash for this. They will be working in each area in small groups without direct staff supervision at some times during the day. At the end of the trip the students will be registered and can either make their way back up to school in time for their normal transport home, or they can leave directly from Fo Tan or the Science Park.

The students do not need to wear school uniform on that day, but they should be suitably attired for the weather conditions and for walking around the two locations. There will be an opportunity to buy lunch and drinks, but students might want to bring their own food drink or a snack. Pens and pencils will be needed and a clipboard and camera would also be very useful.

Please return a signed reply slip (copy below and/or given to the students) to your son’s / daughter’s Geography teacher.  If you have any questions concerning this trip then please contact any member of the department.

Yours sincerely,
Ms Lederer, Mr. Overens and Ms. Griffiths



(please click the image below to print out the reply slip)



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