1 Jun 2017

Y7 + Y8 Cycling Proficiency Opportunity

Dear Parents and Guardians

We are writing to help promote a free initiative offered by Sha Tin Police District.

‘Project SmartRider 2017’ offers basic cycling training, with an emphasis on safe riding in urban areas.  Sha Tin College is a  partner in this initiative.  Students who successfully complete such a course can then apply for a more extensive ‘SmartRider Course’, and an ‘Advanced  Cycling Safety Training Course’.  After these, if students are still keen to build upon their cycling experience, they can apply to be part of the  SmartRider Bicycle Parade.  This will be held in Sha Tin town centre in November to help celebrate the 20th anniversary of the establishment of HKSAR.

Here are details of the initial ‘Basic Cycling Safety Training’ programme offered by the police.  We selected the afternoon of Tuesday June 6 (next week), as the students will be off-timetable, due to teacher professional development.  We felt this would be a more suitable date  than the one listed in the attached police letter which falls during the holidays.  Please IGNORE the police date.

  • Organiser: Sha Tin Police District
  • Event: Basic Cycling Safety Training
  • Location:  Sha Tin College (netball courts)
  • Date:  Tuesday June 6
  • Time:  1.30-4.30 p.m.
  • Fee: Free
  • Deadline:  Friday June 2
  • Open to:  Lower School Students – Year 7 + 8

The police will bring all bicycles and helmets for the training session. Insurance is covered under the ESF’s policy. It is important that if your child is to attend this session at Sha Tin College that they can already ride a bicycle.

Please could you email either Mr Lewis or Ms Marshall directly by 3:20 pm Friday June 2  if you wish your child to attend because we need to know numbers.  Also attached is the documentation from the police which includes further details of all the activities.

Please could you complete the application form by Monday 5th June. Your child should hand this into the Lower School Office.

(Parents of Year 7 students should note that this letter is a repeat of the letter sent earlier last month regarding the Basic Cycling Safety Training.)

Yours sincerely

Mr J Lewis                                    Ms A Marshall

Head of Year 8                            Head of Year 7