1 Jun 2017

Y11 17-18 Start of Year Induction (Monday 14th and Tuesday 15th August 2017)

Dear Parents and Students,
Further to my previous letter dated 11th May 2017 I am writing to provide further details regarding the schedule for the two day induction programme in August 2017.
For both days all students must arrive at school at 8.30am wearing full school uniform and go to their tutor room (a list indicating tutor rooms will be placed in reception and the list will also be emailed to students).
Monday 14th August
Y11 students will register in the hall during the morning as follows:
9:00 AM            11D1
9:15 AM            11D2
9:30 AM            11G1
9:45 AM            11G2
10:00 AM          11P1
10:15 AM          11P2
10:30 AM          11X1
10.45 AM          11X2
Y11 students will also take the Morrisby assessment and must ensure that they have their laptops with them, and that their batteries are fully charged. The purpose of the Morrisby assessment, and the accompanying report, is to open up and stimulate discussions about future study options and possible career pathways. We have found this assessment to be a very useful tool in helping students make informed decisions about their future. The aim of the assessment is to provide students with an understanding of their strong interests, passions, strengths and weaknesses. We will then follow this up with support from teaching staff and Higher education events to ensure that students use this and other tools to help them make suitable choices for future study and career pathways.
As soon as the registration process and the Morrisby assessment are complete students can make their own way home. It is advised that students should bring a snack and a water bottle.
Tuesday 15th August
The day will start at 8:30 am and include an assembly, induction activities and start of year administration. As soon as students have completed their induction they are free to leave school.
School buses will depart at the conclusion of the induction, at approximately 12:45 pm.
The normal school timetable, and bus schedule, will start on Wednesday 16th August. Students, will be able to gain access to your timetable over the summer break via SMART and their google calendar.
Please contact me if you have further questions or concerns related to the activities planned for these days.
Kind regards
Sian May
Head of Middle School