15 May 2019

Y12 Summer Examinations

Dear Students, Parents and Guardians,

The Year 12 summer examinations will take place from Monday 27th May to Wednesday 5th June 2019. During this time, students will be on study leave so are not expected to attend school as students may prefer to study at home. The Y12 examinations are essential preparation for the actual public examinations, which are scheduled to commence on 30th April next year.

All examinations will take place in the Hall (except the Visual Arts and Theatre exams), so students need to gather in Room 237 at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start of each exam. Please see the attached copy of the IB instructions to candidates (‘Conduct of the examinations 2019’), which students must read very carefully.

We also attach a copy of the Y12 Summer Examination timetable for your information.

If you have any clashes on your timetable, please see Mrs. Wan a.s.a.p. in Room 117.


Students on Exam Study Leave

All students must swipe in and out with their Octopus Card on every occasion that they attend school.

In addition, all students attending school for any reason (such as for private study, to meet a teacher, or to take an examination) must sign in and out using the Y12 registration sheets at the Reception.

Observing this rule ensures that the school complies with health & safety and fire regulations.



TI – Nspire: All calculators must be in “press to test” mode for the start of all exams that require a GDC.

TI 84: any RAM/ROM memory or data stored on calculators must be reset before exams such that only approved apps remain in the calculator memory and all programs are deleted.

Please note that the only permitted apps on the TI 84 are PolySmlt and CtlgHelp. In addition, Finance cannot be removed as it is part of the operating system.

Random checks will be made during the exams by invigilators.

Students must also read the document “Use of calculators in examinations 2019” before the Summer Examinations. This document is available on SMART:

SMART > Students > Exams and Testing > Exams > Y12 Exams


Additional notes to Y12 students

You must put your Hong Kong ID card on the top right hand corner of your table during each examination.

Please note that external invigilators will check your official photo HKID. You will not be allowed to take bags, smartwatches or phones into the Hall. These will need to be stored in a secure location outside the Hall and it is the responsibility of each individual student to ensure the security of their own belongings.


Post Summer Examinations (6th June – 12th June)

Y12 Diploma Programme students are expected to attend the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) and Extended Essay sessions after the summer examinations finish on 5th June. All Y12 students must attend the Higher Education (HE) sessions. Students should register with their form tutor in the normal way at 8:15 am from Thursday 6th June. Mr. Stott will be sending out information to you about the HE Days on 6th and 10th June, including a HE Evening for students and parents on 10th June 2019.

Please note that the TOK Day on 11th June focuses on preparing for the formal oral presentations, scheduled on 20th June.


Finally, please also note that Y12 Diploma Programme students will be off timetable on Wednesday 12th June to work on their Extended Essay (EE).  Ms. Hansen will be sending out further information in due course.

Normal lessons resume on Thursday 13th June for all Y12 students.

If you have any queries about the Summer Examinations or the arrangements for TOK/HE/EE, please feel free to contact us.


Yours faithfully,

Iris Wan                                                           Cliff Imeson                                              Paul Hoang
Exams Administrator                                  Assessment Coordinator                     Vice Principal
iris.wan@shatincollege.edu.hk             ci@shatincollege.edu.hk                     ph@shatincollege.edu.hk


Conduct of the Examinations
Year 12 Summer Examinations Timetable