18 Jan 2021

Wellbeing through online learning

Our wellbeing team is especially conscious that, despite longing for a healthy start to 2021, COVID remains with us. 

To help boost the spirits of everyone in our school community, we are creating and sharing more ways to focus on the Five Ways to Wellbeing.  We’ve been collaborating with student leaders and the Guidance and Achievement team and hope parents can also participate in lots of our activities. The week beginning Monday January 18, we are starting with CONNECT.

Human connection is the exchange of positive energy between people. It has proven to lower anxiety and depression, help us better regulate our emotions and lead to higher self-esteem and empathy.  This can change our immune systems for the better. 

Throughout the pandemic we have all felt the importance of a human connection.  Feeling socially connected, especially in an increasingly isolated world, is more important than ever. This basic need to form, grow and sustain relationships and to belong to a group, team or family, is universal. We are social creatures who crave human interaction. Now more than ever, we all need real connection, dependable emotional support, and a feeling of belonging, whoever we are, wherever we are.

So, please keep an eye out for our wellbeing activities.  We are convinced you will enjoy them.  In the meantime, here are some links to recent articles you might find worthwhile.

Take care

Christine Rowlands

Vice Principal