27 Jan 2021

Pawsibilities Team Updates

The Pawsibilities Team is a student-led project which aims to raise awareness about the dire situation of animal abandonment in Hong Kong. In December 2020, our team decided to visit a local adoption centre, Hong Kong Dog Rescue, to conduct an interview in order to gain an insight into animal adoption. We were distressed and disheartened to learn about the suffering and fear that many abandoned pets endure and that most people in society are unaware of this. Luckily, there are several non-profit organisations in Hong Kong which aim to  help these animals to find a home and family, giving them a chance to live a happy life.

After our visit to HKDR, we were able to understand the major difficulties that these organisations face. A lack of financial support is the most vital issue. The adoption process itself is also far more complicated than we expected as the goal is to find suitable homes for shelter animals.

Our team is currently planning ways to raise awareness about animal adoption and abandonment. Additionally, we want to support these organisations during the trying times of the COVID-19 Pandemic because this has limited many of their usual services.

We want to urge the STC community to take action! Donations to different non- profit organisations are welcome.  Consider volunteering, too, if you are eighteen or older. We are striving to make Hong Kong a better place for these poor abandoned pets.

Karyn Lo, 12X2 and Victoria Wong, 12X2