21 Sep 2018

Wellbeing Questionnaire

Dear students,

As you have heard from Ms Purves and Ms Parry, next week you will complete an online questionnaire.  This will be during Tutor Time and it is to help us all understand more about your wellbeing. We do not often stop to think about our wellbeing or our happiness. We probably have some idea of how life is going, but few of us really look at what affects our wellbeing – either in positive or negative ways. The first step to managing our wellbeing is finding out more about it by filling in this questionnaire.  We can then reflect on what it is telling us.  This questionnaire is not just for STC students – all ESF students in Years 4-13 will also be completing it.

Here is the schedule –

  • Monday September 24: Y7 and Y9
  • Wednesday September 26: Y10, Y11
  • Thursday September 27:  Y13, Y12
  • Friday September 28: Y8

You will receive an email, either the day before or on the day of your questionnaire. Please look for this email in your In-Box.  The questions are very straightforward and will not take long. We are counting on you to be honest when answering the questions.

Very important!
When you open your email, you need to log in with your birthdate, like this: yyyymmdd. So it should look like this: 19800521(year, month, day – no spaces)

How will I get my results?
You will receive a report telling you about your results in approximately five weeks – after CAS Week and Half Term.

How can I use my results?
Your report will not be sent to your parents. Your individual report will not be sent to your teachers. Only a few people at STC will receive information about how our students responded.  The reason for this is so we can support and help students, when necessary.

The best way to respond to your report is to talk to your family and friends. Having conversations about wellbeing, both about what is going well and what is not going so well, is a good first step towards improving wellbeing. You can also talk to trusted adults, teachers, your Tutor, Head of Year, our social worker and school counsellors about your results.

If you have any further questions please ask your Tutor. Thanks very much for your cooperation and best wishes.

Mrs Rowlands

Vice Principal and Child Protection Officer