10 Jan 2022

Week in the Wild – life changing experience for STC Students

A plethora of different activities took place during Sha Tin College’s Explorer Week, a week 


where students are encouraged to learn through real-life experiences, hence experiencing a paradigm shift. One of the newly implemented activities was Week In The Wild, a six-day camping programme that led students on an outdoor adventure through Sai Kung. With guidance from Asia Pacific Adventure (APA) staff, 35 students ranging from year 10 to year 12 signed up to participate in the thrilling expedition co-created by Mr. Clarke and Ms. Turbett. 

The first day of Week In The Wild led students from the starting point of Pak Tam Au to Chek Keng. Bleary-eyed, the adventurous students began their expedition bright and early at 8 AM. From Pak Tam Au, they ventured to and stopped at a nearby rock-climbing site for an introductory session to rock climbing. At night, they settled into their tents in the Chek Keng camping site. Unbeknownst to them, they would be facing a multitude of hardships the next day. 

A 4 AM hike up Sharp Peak awaited them; although the journey to the summit was strenuous and challenging, the students persevered through the cold weather and made it to the top. Arriving back at the foot of the peak, the students hoisted their bulky camping bags onto their shoulders and trekked their way to Sai Wan Beach, where they pitched their tents and fell into deep slumbers, exhausted from the day’s journey.

The following day spared the students no enervation as they faced a day of gorging along slippery slopes. Protected by their safety helmets, the students endured the extreme heat and exhaustion and ended the day with a short introductory kayaking session to Wong Yi Chau. From there, the students then embarked on a 2-day kayaking journey; an overnight stop was made in Sharp Island, while the final stop was in Victoria Recreation Club. A final day of high elements challenges awaited the students and included abseiling, rock climbing, and tyrolean traverse on Tung Lung Island. From there, the journey of Week In The Wild concluded for the students as they waved goodbye to the APA staff on the docking pier as the ferry sailed off. 

All in all, Week In The Wild posed as a fresh and unforgettable experience for many. “This was no doubt one of the best trips of my life. I got to learn so much from APA and my peers. It was refreshing to be in nature again after two years online and I felt myself grow mentally and physically. The experiences and memories from this week will be cherished and forever stay with me”, said Mandy So (12D2). 

“It was a refreshing experience for me and was the best trip of my entire life! The trip allowed and encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone. I could see my personal growth from day one to day five”, said Karen Lee (12D2). 


Written by: Grace Yeung

Edited by: Christie LAM