26 Jan 2022

Brand New Sha Tin College Library & Learning Centre Now Open!

I am thrilled to inform you that our new Library & Learning Centre (LLC) is now up and running. It is a
pleasure seeing it filled with our eager students once again. Our fabulous new environment provides
the school community with a bright and comfortable space in which to read, work independently or
collaboratively, hold small group meetings in one of the two new collaboration rooms or to simply just
relax and rejuvenate. It’s a great space which encourages our students to be critical thinkers,
enthusiastic readers, skillful researchers and ethical users of information.

The shelves are loaded with great reading material. The low rise moveable shelves, the variety of
different types of tables and seating all aid in facilitating flexibility within the LLC. The new sound proofing offers peace and quiet by softening and absorbing sound within the library, allowing us to balance the need for effective communication in areas where collaboration is needed, with reduced disruption in spaces where concentration and quiet contemplation is required.

The colours of our furnishings were deliberately chosen to enhance learning. Orange is a mood
lifter for learners, promoting comfort. In Feng Shui it is seen as a “yang” colour that stimulates focus and
organization. Blue stimulates productivity while at the same time promoting safety and calmness. Gray
represents neutrality and balance. These colours when used in combination create high impact on
learners that is vibrant and cheerful.

Enjoy our space. Happy reading!
Ms. Hansen – Librarian