13 Apr 2017


On the 22nd of March, the fifteenth publication of VOiCE, STC’s annual literary magazine, was unveiled. The library was packed full of enthusiastic students and teachers eagerly waiting to hear about the inspirations and stimulus behind each piece.

Every year, the VOiCE team comes up with a theme that is customarily engaging and relatable to everyone. This year, the theme was ‘Perspective’, which was chosen to stress the habitual disparity between different aspects, as well as to display the possible causations of these different perspectives.

The launch began with a short introduction from this year’s Editor-in-Chief, Jennifer Yu of 12G2. She showed her sincere gratitude towards all the attendees, particularly Ms. Tandy and the VOiCE editorial team, which consisted of students interested in literature, art, ICT, and promotion, all of whom worked tirelessly to produce another successful edition of the magazine.

“Poetry, short stories, and paintings are not only a beautiful art form, but also a medium for expression,” commented Jennifer Yu. “I am incredibly honoured to be the Editor-in-Chief of this year’s VOiCE edition, and am extremely grateful for how successful the launch was! I am sure that VOiCE will continue to give STC students a unique platform in which their ‘Perspectives’ and opinions can be shared upon, and am already anticipating next year’s edition.”

The writer of ‘Dear Future Me’, Hoi Ching Leung of 12G1 explained that the piece was “an entry taken and edited from [her] journal a couple years back which explored the differing perspectives of herself as time went on.” “People can change quite a bit throughout their lives, so much so that there might even be different versions of yourself,” she reflects. “’Dear Future Me’ bears the question: What would happen if [different versions of me] crossed paths?”

‘Afternoon Sun’, a painting by Sun Min Kim, is just one of the many art pieces showcased in the publication. Produced from a photograph taken in a family trip to Vietnam, his artwork “captures the sentiment he experienced when he was riding through the unfamiliar streets of Vietnam.”

Another speaker, Jess Yung of 10G2, read a short excerpt and briefly summarised the meaning behind her short story ‘Applause’. The piece describes a war photographer who, amidst a flood of congratulations upon winning a notable award, fails to feel the same thread of joy and excitement, contrary to those applauding him. Clearly relating to this year’s theme, her story effectively presents two completely juxtaposing perspectives in a common scenario.


Mr. Morris says some final words at his last VOiCE launch.


Especially impressed by the high level of talent and flair of the STC students, Mr. Morris shared a few words with the audience, expressing his pride for all contributors for producing such impressive pieces of work. Mr. Morris has always been an avid reader and loyal supporter of the VOiCE magazine, having never missed a VOiCE launch during his time in Sha Tin College. His unending support has helped continually lead VOiCE to its perpetual success.

The VOiCE team would like to thank everyone who took time out of their busy schedule to attend the launch for the event, especially ESF Chief Executive Officer Belinda Greer, who praised the originality and sophistication of the literary magazine.

With all the writers and artists “voicing” their creative approaches on ‘Perspectives’, it is undeniable that both the publication and the launch were a success!

Laurel Lee, 12D2