17 Nov 2017

Two Charity Appeals

Dear Parents and Students

Two Charity Appeals

I am writing with further information about two charity appeals that Sha Tin College is contributing to.

One appeal is our annual Christmas Shoebox gift donation for Christian Action who help support refugees in Hong Kong. You have already received my email with further information about this appeal. A reminder that the deadline for the shoeboxes is 4th December. We are aiming for 100 shoeboxes this year. Thank you very much to those of you who have already donated a filled shoebox. Full information about the project can also be found at this link


The second appeal is for an urgent UNICEF collection. We are organising a warm clothing collection for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh at the request of UNICEF Bangladesh. There are partners of UNICEF Bangladesh in Hong Kong who can sort and ship the clothes and they would like to send the first shipment on the 24th November. Winter is now upon the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh and they are in desperate need of appropriate clothing: SWEATERS, LONG SLEEVE T-SHIRTS, SOCKS, SHIRTS, BLANKETS AND SHOES. UNICEF specifically need clothing for children but adult clothing is also welcome.

If you are attending the Sha Tin College Fair on Saturday 18th November, there will be a collection point for donated clothes next to the Kindness Tree which is near the Cafe. Alternatively students can bring in donated items up until Wednesday 22nd November.

Please see some further information about the appeal below.

Thank you very much in advance for donating to both appeals.

Warm wishes

Lucie Purves

Head of Lower School

Bangladesh is currently responding to an unprecedented emergency owing to the rapid influx of more than 607,000 Rohingya refugees since 25th August. Some 58 per cent of these arrivals are children.The children are living in makeshift shelters, poorly constructed from bamboo and tarpaulin and most have lost the majority of their possessions when fleeing the violence. In collaboration with UNICEF BANGLADESH we are ready to organize distribution to affected children and their families in the camps. Donated items will be shipped weekly from Hong Kong to Bangladesh by partners in Hong Kong who have business in Bangladesh.

Unicef is very worried about the onset of winter and the exposure to cold weather that these refugee children will have to face. We hope, that with your support, we’re able to keep these children safe and warm this winter. https://www.unicef.org/infobycountry/bangladesh_100945.html