17 Nov 2017

(I)GCSE 1-9 grading system

Dear Parents,

Some of our (I)GCSE courses are changing to the new 1-9 grading system.
There are some very good resources available to help you understand what the change means.
This will impact our courses at different times.
The following subjects will change for examinations in June 2018:
  • Art and Design
  • English Language
  • English Literature
The following subjects will change for examinations in June 2019:
  • Design and Technology
    • Engineering
    • Food and Textiles
    • Graphic Products
    • Resistant Materials
  • Economics
  • Food Preparation and Nutrition
  • Geography
  • History
  • Psychology
  • Religious Studies
This change in grading system means that there will be fewer grade 9s awarded than A* grades. The intention behind this is to provide greater identification of the achievement of the very top performing students. Examiners will award a grade 9 to the top 20% of grades 7 and higher, across all subjects. The grade boundary 8 will then be set half way between a 7 and a 9.
All other subjects (which are not mentioned above) will maintain their current grading system.
Kind regards
Greg Thornton
Vice Principal