16 Jun 2020

The United Magazine (STC X SIS) 2020

The United Magazine (established in 2013) is Sha Tin College’s annual bilingual magazine. Central to the driving ethos of the magazine is the celebration of bilingualism and the provision of a platform to exhibit students’ literary or artistic flair. Beyond that, the magazine serves as a nexus for the exploration of issues that enrapture the student body’s interest, often bearing great local relevance. As a team, we decided on this year’s theme: ‘Food’ – a topic familiar to us all; yet beyond the surface level, offers unexpected insight.

This year, having expanded to partner with South Island School to form a team of over 40+ members, our content is as diverse as ever. This edition of the magazine features an eclectic range of content from both Sha Tin College and South Island School, with writers interpreting the theme of ‘Food’ in various directions, both ‘serious’ and casual. One article explores mukbangs as a rising internet phenomenon, whereas another focuses on GMOs and its role in the future of agriculture. Instantiating the bilingual talents of our students, our Chinese articles cover topics such as the influence of food on physical wellbeing to the origin of hotpots. We also have a selection of rare and insightful interviews!

Copies have been distributed to the student communities of both Sha Tin College and South Island School!

Reese Wong, 12P1