15 Jun 2020

IHBB Asia Online History Bee Tournament

On the 23rd May, a team of Sha Tin College History students attended the IHBB Asia Online History Bee Tournament. Fifteen students from Years 9,10 and 11 competed against nearly a hundred students from across Asia. Despite stiff competition, the team managed to maintain its fantastic record and achieved great results. Four students finished in the top ten, including Jason Tam (9X2) who took 5th place. Eleven students reached the required scores to qualify for the Asian Championships later this year.

Apart from the amazing results in History, a couple of students took it upon themselves to participate in the Geography and Science Bee as well. All of them qualified for the Asian Championships and finished at least in the top ten. A very special mention and congratulations to Darren Lau (11G1) who was 3rd Place in the Geography Bee.

This tournament marks yet another successful competition for our school’s History team who has accumulated 7 regional tournament wins, 1 runner-up in an Asian Championship Tournament and several podium finishes in individual competitions over the years.

Finally, the team would like to extend its thanks to the school and Ms. Fagan who has been hugely supportive of the team; without her help, none of this would have been possible.

Haike Liu, 11X1

Students who qualified for Asian Championships (Congratulations):

Darren Lau 11G1. (3rd, Geography and 24th, History)

Jason Tam 9X2 (5th, History)

Benedict Pang 9X2 (5th, Science and 11th, History)

William Huang 11G1 (6th, History)

Lucas Yuen 9X2 (6th, History)

Allan Lo 9X2 (6th, Geography and 26th, History)

Haike Liu 11X2  (7th, History)

Jared Xin 9X2(15th, History)

Tate Wai 9D2(21st, History)

Nicole Wong 9X2(22nd, History)

Issac Lee 11D2(26th, History)


*Photos were taken earlier in the academic year.