19 Aug 2019

Summer Programmes – CUHK Clinical Attachment and CityU Veterinary Medicine


Many of the Year 13 students enjoyed their last summer holiday gaining new experiences. Ka Wing and Emily attended the Summer Clinical Attachment Programme (SCAP) organised by the Faculty of Medicine, at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). Both Ka Wing and Emily found the programme to be valuable in determining if Medicine was indeed their true passion. This experience not only allowed them to understand more about the profession, but also helped them to have a better idea about their future studies and career pathways.

Ka Wing Cheung, 13X1


The four days I experienced as part of this programme not only enriched my knowledge and understanding of the medical field, it also broadened my horizons on the endless possibilities and different career pathways available within the medical field.


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Emily Wong, 13G2


This week has allowed me to explore deeper into medicine, and has left me with renewed certainty and determination to work hard and pursue medicine as a future career pathway.


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On the other hand, two of our students were nominated to join the Jockey Club of Veterinary Medicine and Life Sciences at the City University. In this two-week summer programme, our students Chloe and Tsz Hei attended lectures, practical classes and field trips. Both of them found the programme to be a very good experience, which helped them understand more about a career in veterinary medicine.

Chloe Wong, 13P1


My favourite part of the summer course would have been the beginners suturing class that we had. It was my first time doing anything remotely medical, and I found it incredibly fascinating and interesting learning how to use the different tools.


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Tsz Hei Kwok, 13P1


Over the two week summer course, we were exposed with different lectures and practicals to familiarise ourselves with studying as a vet student and possible careers in the veterinary field.


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