24 Nov 2016

STC takes home 3 awards at VSA MUN

Last Saturday, Jaclyn Solomon, 9X1, and Joanne Du, 10X2, delegates of UNEP 2; Arushi Ghosh, 9X2, and Marco Joynt, 10P2, of ECOSOC 2; and Marvin Hsu, 10X2, and Megan Ko, 10P2, of HRC 2, were awarded the title of “Best Delegation” out of their three committees.

Brimming with enthusiasm, the STC MUN delegation entered VSA MUN in high spirits. For most of the delegates, this was the first conference they had ever attended, and although they were well-researched, they started off rather restless as they first arrived at the conference. However, delegates soon settled into the competitive atmosphere of the conferences and began to participate actively.
Emily Wong, 10G2, and George Su, 10X2, were chosen as chairs for this year’s VSA MUN.

“VSA MUN this year was quite fascinating,” commented George. “Myself and Emily were the youngest MUN chairs STC has ever had, and it was a position and opportunity that we are both very grateful for. Being able to see and experience MUN on the other side in the position of a chair rather than a delegate really gave us a whole new insight into understanding conference procedures and how to maintain order in a conference.”

“If anything, I thought VSA MUN was a really good opportunity for delegates to thrive and have a feel for the whole MUN process,” said Andy Yau, Head Delegate of the MUN Leadership Team. “The chairs really valued the friendly aspect of the conference and this was always seen whenever I went inside a committee; the delegates were quite enthusiastic in being vocal during discussions and it was quite a delightful sight to see them being proactive. I can’t wait to see what the new delegates have learnt from VSAMUN and how they apply this knowledge in future conferences.”

Marvin Hsu from 10X1, ‘Best Delegate’ of his committee, made some comments. “VSAMUN was an extremely fun and eye-opening experience. It was the first time I’ve participated in any type of debate competition or MUN activity, and after becoming acquainted with the relevant procedures I thoroughly enjoyed myself during the conference. I was fortunate enough to be able to win the Best Delegate award for my committee, along with my co-delegate Megan Ko. I am looking forward to participating in more conferences in the future.”

“Unlike at school, MUN isn’t something you can simply prepare yourself for, it was all about making mistakes and learning from them, and not letting those failures getting the best of you,” said Kevin Do Cao from 10G2.

Many thanks to Mrs May and the MUN Leadership Team for organising this year’s VSAMUN delegation and making such an illustrious event possible.

Emily Wong 10G2