21 Nov 2016

School Fair 2016!

On the 19th of November, Sha Tin College and Sha Tin Junior School hosted an extremely successful annual school fair.

This event unites teachers, parents and students with performances, games and food, whilst promoting interaction between all year groups. This year, the school fair involved activities such as Laser Tag, STC Soul Band/Orchestra, SJS’s Got Talent and the newly introduced Karaoke session. With so many events being held in one day, it was a definitely exhausting, yet also an undoubtedly entertaining day for those who attended.



A performance by the band “Trigger Happy”

With the incorporated quirky Superhero theme and the numerous events being held, the fair was “super lively” and was a “great socialising opportunity”, according to Serena Lung, 12G1.

The entertainment provided was incredible; ranging from the Lion Dance to the Student Bands, an exceptional performance by the Irish Dance performers delighted those who watched. Younger Junior school students found the The Super Hero Magic Show at the Junior School hall especially interesting as well.

Every year, the food stalls are one of the most popular segments of the fair. Integrating cuisines from all around the world, the stalls included American, Korean, Italian, Chinese, Malaysian cuisines and many more! Although there were plenty of food options, the barbecue run by STC teachers seemed to be the most popular.

Overall, the School Fair achieved, and even exceeded the high anticipations that all students, teachers and parents held. The student body would like to express our sincere gratitude to those involved in making the School fair the successful event it was!

Nikita Jadhav 12X2