24 Dec 2015

Good Sports

Congratulations to Phoenix, who won the 2015 Sports Day in a blaze of triumph. Following Swimming Gala, one of Sha Tin College’s more renowned events, another competition between the houses triggered a secondary impulse of excitement among students and teachers alike. Sports Day was held at HKIED on December 17th, lasting most of the morning and the early afternoon.

On the day of Sports Day, the four houses, Griffin, Phoenix, Dragon, and Pegasus, were once again gathered together in their house colours. Even the chilly conditions weren’t enough to stop the students’ passionate spirits from cheering their houses through every race across the track.

As their second whole school event of the year, Sports Day was all the more exciting for Year 7s. Elvis Hsu from 7X1 was willing to share his feelings about STC’s Sports Day compared to the Sports Day at primary school. “It was a completely different feeling,” he said. “All the stands, the atmosphere, the excitement, and cheerleading made it more than just being an ordinary event.”


Dragon Cheerleading. Photo: Vivien Li

Andrew Ko from 7X1 also shared his experiences of the event. “The competitions were more competitive and it was more ambitious than it was during primary school. Nobody was nasty to each other, and we didn’t mind about winning or losing. Everyone had a great time.”

Ms Lau, a new biology teacher, shared her feelings about her first Sports Day in STC. “Sports Day was more than a new experience for me,” she said. “The atmosphere was extremely lively, with good music being played at the background, as well as the cheers of students encouraging their friends to go on and win the race. The cheers never died down! It was heartwarming to see the students supporting their houses as if they were a family.”

Well done to everyone who participated in sports day, and many thanks to all teachers and students for another spectacular event!

Chris Wong, 9G2
Junior Media Team