20 Dec 2015

Going Above and Beyond

To many of Sha Tin College’s most dedicated and ambitious students, the ‘Above and Beyond Awards’ celebration served as a brilliant conclusion to their first term in this academic year. Tuesday 15th of December marked day where over 20 middle-school student nominees and teachers attended the first ever ‘Above and Beyond’ breakfast buffet in celebration of the newly established set of middle school awards, and of the ways in which nominees have enhanced and enriched school and community life.

The event, which took place in the school media room, allowed for students in Years 9 to 11 to be nominated anonymously by either students or teachers in recognition of their contribution to school life outside or beyond academics. In light of the prestigious event, the venue was decorated by a team of staff, and had a wide selection of drinks and snacks were provided.

One distinguishing feature of the award is that the nominated students are not initially informed of the reason they were nominated for the award, or of the person who nominated them only until after the event itself. This allows students an opportunity to reflect on and think about what they have done for the school community; it aims to encourage students to strive for further improvement and to do everything to the best of their abilities while being rewarded for their existing contribution and efforts.

“It was good to see people’s extracurricular activities being acknowledged,” said Jing Chen Fok of 10P1. “Some schools only value academic excellence, so it was a nice change.”

Martha Tin of 11G2 added, “Even though I had no idea what I was nominated for at first, I think it was great that a system for awarding student contribution was implemented. It really made me reflect on my input towards the school.”

Well done to the first round of ‘Above and Beyond’ nominees!


Samantha Lam 10X2