26 Feb 2016

Shooting for the Stars

Wesley Lor from Sha Tin College triumphed as the winner of the yearly inter-school dance competition, NOVA 2016. With an incredible hip-hop act imbued with personality, style, and charisma, he stole the stage, and the hearts of the judges and the audience. He was awarded with both titles of Audience’s Choice and Judges’ Pick.

The act was one of the many highlights in the excellent showcase of talent exploding on the STC stage. A multitude of styles, ranging from hip hop to jazz, was represented by six fiercely competing acts as they participated in this extraordinary charity event.

The large turnout was not disappointed as the finesse displayed by the dancers was more than commendable, and the standard of musical expression, technique, and articulation was exceptional. Hannah Cheng from King George the V received first runner up with her stunningly emotional rendition of a lyrical ballet piece. Hoi Ching Leung from STC, and Hannah Gearing and Audrey Chow from Renaissance College, also displayed their artistry and were placed as second runners up.


Wesley Lor with his award from the judges. Photo: Annie Loh
(Left to right: Ms. Yanyan Chan, Wesley Lor, Ms. Danielle Parker, and Ms. Lisa Bergstorm.)

Three external judges graced NOVA with their presence: Danielle Parker, Lisa Bergstorm, and Yanyan Chan, all who are established dancers in their respective fields of jazz and contemporary dance, Irish dance, and hip-hop. The panel gave constructive and professional comments to the performers. On the whole, the judges stated that, “Sha Tin has a very supportive, embracive and friendly environment,” a statement the school is pleased to receive.

Accompanying the contestants were the guest performances of the Echoes of Erin Irish Dance, an Irish folk group, and CAYJAM, a band from STC. These performances added to the vast array of acts that were displayed, making NOVA an enjoyably diverse experience.


Echoes of Erin Irish Dance performing on stage. Photo: Annie Loh

NOVA 2016 was a melting pot of dance styles which made the competition a highly interesting event, not to mention that “the level of performance was impressive,” according to Ms. Danielle Parker.

“It is a loveable experience,” said Ms. Parry, “I supervise it every year and I still continue to love it.” It was a celebration of the talent and artistic ability of students, from not only STC but also other schools, reminding us all to appreciate the art of dance.

All profits from the dance events are donated to the charity KELY Support Group, a bilingual local charity that offers inclusive, non-judgemental, empathetic and confidential support to young people between the ages of 14 and 24.

Annie Loh 12X2

Click here for videos of the performances!