22 Feb 2019

Sha Tin College Uniform Policy

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students,

We are currently seeing a number of our students not wearing the correct items of school uniform and we would like to take this opportunity to remind you of certain aspects of our school uniform policy (the policy is attached to this letter). The main issues currently seem to be around hoodies/sweatshirts and trainers.

In regards to the hoodie/sweatshirt the following items are the only ones that the students should be wearing:

• Navy blue school fleece or sweatshirt with school logo.

• Navy blue team hoodie.

• Navy blue school hoodie.

• Navy blue cardigan with school logo.

Students are allowed to wear trainers as part of the uniform but as per the policy, all parts of the trainer must be black.

As stated in our policy if students are not wearing the correct uniform teachers will address this them. If practical, the student will be asked to remove the incorrect item or to ensure that she/he is in correct uniform the next school day. If students need to wear a variation of the uniform for medical reasons, for example different shoes, then permission needs to be given by the relevant Head of Section. If students repeatedly break the Uniform Policy parents will be informed and students will be sanctioned.


Jane Parry                                           Lucie Purves

Head of Senior School                       Head of Middle School



Sha Tin College Uniform Policy