15 Sep 2020

School Social Workers : Make An Appointment

In 2019, the Hong Kong government provided additional funding to improve student well-being so our staff, students and families are fortunate to have two professional social workers based at Sha Tin College four days a week. Ms. Marisa To and Mr. Kenny Chu are employed by the YWCA and lend their expertise to our school by being available, actively listening, and adopting different assessment tools and approaches to address many issues.  Examples of these issues are: parent-child relationships and overcoming conflict, school adjustment, the influence of peers and coping with stress. They advocate for and promote a balanced approach to school life and academic demands. Ms. To and Mr. Chu both earned Master of Social Work degrees from The University of Hong Kong.

In addition to working with families, Ms. To and Mr. Chu liaise with the Child Safeguarding leader, nurse and counsellors. They also liaise with the government and the local community to advise on resources and services, in addition to initiating referrals, all for the benefit of our students and families.

Ms. To and Mr. Chu lead a wide range of activities and outreach work. They guide and supervise students with CAS projects and are actively involved in their daily lives. They are instrumental in facilitating a wide range of placements and projects for students to undertake, irrespective of their age. These include work with local charities, the elderly and other ‘at risk’ groups in society. Students report that they find these community service experiences meaningful and insightful.

Anyone wishing to see our social workers can email, telephone or call into their rooms to make an appointment.

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