15 Sep 2020

Return to School Plan – Approved by EDB

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

I write to you today with the good news that our Return to School Plan was approved by EDB yesterday.  Students will therefore be returning to the campus from Sept 16th according to the schedule below.

No student can return to campus however until the Travel & Health Declaration has been completed. Please access the declaration via the ESF App. It can be done simply by following the instructions here.

On Campus Daily Learning Routine

Students arrive from 7.45am – temperatures are checked, they go to their tutor room

Please note the following:

1) According to EDB guidelines, from Sept 16th – Sept 22nd students are only allowed on campus for a half day. This means that Years 7, 11 and 13 students who are on campus in the morning and who will leave campus at 12.35, their period 5 lesson will be cancelled.

New students in Years 8-12 have received a separate letter to confirm their arrangements.

2) Students must have their temperature taken before they leave their house every morning and the temperature must be recorded via the ESF App. You may refer to the instructions here.

3) As you are aware Wednesdays are four period days. We will follow the daily schedule above for Wednesdays but classes will conclude for all year levels after period 4. Lunch on campus on Wednesdays from 23/9 for Years 11, 12, and 13 will move forward by one hour.

4)  All students, staff and guests entering the campus MUST be wearing a mask. Students must bring their own masks. There are bins distributed throughout the campus for the safe disposal of used masks. We have a supply of extra masks if needed.

5) During break time students are free to walk around the campus. While students won’t be able to return to their classrooms during break, walking around the outside spaces will allow students the opportunity to get some fresh air and some exercise. As per our normal routine teachers will be actively on duty during break time.

6) Book lending from the library is suspended. Students can use the library during break time and read the library books but they cannot be taken home.

7) Due to limited and confined changing room facilities students are allowed to arrive at school in their PE uniform and wear it all day, on days where they have PE.

8) There are CHP health guidelines posted throughout the campus and in bathrooms to remind students of proper hygiene, including regular hand washing.

9) To facilitate social distancing we are operating a one-way system on corridors with identified up-only and down-only stairs. Students are asked to follow the appropriate signs and arrows. We have also placed perspex dividers on classroom desks.

Even though we are on reduced numbers on campus for the coming week we are really looking forward to welcoming our Years 7, 11 and 13 students as well as our new students, some of whom have never been in the school!

See you all soon!

Kind regards.

Carol Larkin