28 May 2021

Reminder: May 31st Students Return to Campus for Full Day

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students

We are looking forward to welcoming our students back onto campus for the full day from Monday May 31st. I attach below the revised daily schedule. The Wednesday schedule remains unchanged.

Going forward please be aware of the following.

1) No food will be sold on campus so students should bring a packed lunch.

2) Students may bring hot or cold food for lunch and whatever eating utensils they need.

3) Students will be able to eat their lunch and snack in the canteen, outdoor seating areas and in the school hall. With staggered breaks and lunch there is sufficient dining space for students. Once students are finished eating they should vacate the dining space.

4) Masks may be removed for eating. Our site team will be actively disinfecting dining spaces in line with CHP guidelines.

5) Students should not eat in their tutor rooms or go to their tutor rooms during breaks. Students should also be aware that due to staggered breaks and lunch some students will be in class while others are on break.

6) Staff will be on duty during break and lunch to ensure compliance with our Health & Safety guidelines. All members of our community are responsible for ensuring they wear their mask, maintain social distancing measures and sanitise their hands when necessary. We recognise we must remain vigilant with our Health & Safety measures to ensure everyone remains safe.

Kind regards.

Carol Larkin