11 Mar 2016

Payment for second half of annual bus fees (1st Feb – 30th Jun 2016)

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The purpose of this letter is to inform you that we have not yet received payment for the second half of the annual school bus fees (1st Feb – 30th Jun 2016). We would be grateful if you would please forward these to us at your earliest convenience.  Full payment is important for reasons of safety and insurance because only students with valid bus passes are covered by insurance.

Lastly, all students who take the bus have been informed that all bus passes will be checked before anyone boards a bus.  This will begin on Monday, March 14, and those students without their passes will not be permitted to board.

Attached please find a pdf version of the bus application form in case you have not received the hard copy. Please click here to view and download.

With thanks for your cooperation.

Ms Mercy Hsieh
PTSA Administrator