7 Feb 2020

Online Learning Protocols

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

As we approach the end of our first week of online learning I wanted to take the opportunity to share with you our Online Learning Protocols. These were developed following our previous school closure and have been amended over the course of this week as we have gained further experience. We intend to continue to take feedback from families in terms of what is working well and will update the protocols as a result.

Please note in particular:

  • Student registration procedures have now been clarified and communicated. If for some reason a student is not available for registration or for classes on a particular day this is no problem. As long as students continue to do the work as set this will count for registration/engagement purposes. Students should inform their section administrator/teacher of their temporary absence. This is especially important given the sedentary nature of learning at the moment. Any opportunity for students to get out and take a break is encouraged. Students are able to catch up with work subsequently as all tasks/activities set are available as usual for students and parents/guardians on SMART – Home Learning.
  • Our protocols recommend that every two-three lessons there will be no online face-to-face contact with the teacher to allow for catch-up.
  • To ensure best child safeguarding practice our usual high standards of student and teacher professional conduct is expected. Please see Mrs Rowlands’ letter from earlier this week for further details.
  • Students and teachers MUST NOT record each other’s online interactions with-out permission. I am aware that some students may have done this already. This is in breach of our Phone and Digital Device Policy and our Technology Acceptable Use Policy and such recordings should be deleted and removed from social media.
  • With an eye to student wellbeing and to avoid overwhelming them with work we will not be providing Global Thinking Skills (GTS) lessons via our online learning platform. This course is taught once per week and is not reported on or formally assessed. Our GTS team will be working with our Guidance Team to provide wellbeing support for our students instead.
  • We are working with our ESF colleagues in regard to the time-sensitive internal assessment needs of our Years 11 & 13 students. Please expect to hear from ESFC and our Curriculum VP Kellie Fagan in the next few days with further information.
  • To comply with Hong Kong licensing regulations the STC/SJS Night Fair Grand Raffle will be held tomorrow night Feb 7th at 7pm as published. Raffle winners will be posted on our website from next week. Good luck everyone!
  • The deadline for receipt of completed forms for the Government Student Grant Scheme is Friday 6 March.  

From our Librarian Ms Hansen

With Hong Kong Public Libraries now closed, I would like to draw your attention to the Sha Tin College eBook Lending Platform that provides access to around 700 fiction and non-fiction books. Students must register with their school email address to gain access, once approved borrowing can begin. 

If you are already registered but forgotten your password, email Ms. Hansen for a new password. Books are loaned for a maximum of three weeks, after this time it is automatically removed from the device, you may however return it earlier or renew the loan. Currently ebook loans are set at one title per student.

This is the link to the Sha Tin College eBook Platform, There is also a banner on SMART with the link as well as instructions on how to subscribe to The New York Times.

If you would like me to purchase a title currently unavailable through the e-platform, send me an email with the title and author and I will try to accommodate the request.

Based on feedback from parents, teachers and students thus far it has certainly been a week with a difference. Learning has continued nonetheless and students have enjoyed their online interactions. A huge thank you to our teachers and our students for engaging so positively with this new environment and to our parents/guardians for their wonderful and encouraging support.

Keep safe and healthy!

Kind regards,

Carol Larkin



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