12 Dec 2014

NOVA Dance Competition

NOVA is a dance competition that has been held for two consecutive years, open to individuals from schools across all of Hong Kong. It is a great opportunity for students who are passionate about dance to showcase their talent, choreographing their own performances in hopes that they will make it to the finals.

Organised by a team of seven students, NOVA’s main aim is to raise funds for the non-government funded bilingual organisation, KELY. KELY provides empathetic, non-judgmental, confidential and inclusive support to individuals between the ages of 14 to 24 in Hong Kong- including students in Sha Tin College. This year, NOVA raised a total of $2000 for KELY. The experience gained from working with such a notable charity benefited the team vastly- and NOVA 2015 was a huge success.

Vera Ho, a member of dance group ‘Charlie’s Angels’ described the event as a ‘strenuous yet rewarding experience.’ Although she sacrificed many break times for the sake of choreographing and perfecting the dances, she commented that ‘it was a beneficial learning experience that enabled me to work alongside four talented dancers and improve my own dance and people skills’.


Charlie’s Angels rocking the stage!

Marcus Lau, both a performer and organiser of NOVA commented that it was ‘an enjoyable event to lead and participate in’. He met ‘a bunch of friendly and talented performers who showed utmost dedication and passion to dance and had learned some new techniques in the process.’

Marcus presenting some rewards!

We hope that all of you will continue support Nova and KELY next year.

Kathleen Arthur 12D2