13 Dec 2014

JA Team Seals the Deal

Junior Achievement is a program within Sha Tin College that allows students to experience another side of learning and to take an interest in sustaining the welfare of society. This year’s Junior Achievement team is called 得Tape and a generous proportions of our proceeds are going towards Liberty Asia, a charity fighting against human trafficking.

There were two key reasons why we chose to use duct Tape to create our wallets and why we chose to support Liberty Asia. Duct tape has negative connotations thanks to the usage of it on big blockbuster movies, where the crazy serial killer or child kidnapper almost always seem to have it in its arsenal. The aim of using duct tape was to negate this negative image of duct tape and to promote a more positive one. Donating to any charity isn’t hard, but finding one which is both reliable and you can agree with their beliefs is very difficult, however Liberty Asia was a charity who focused primarily on saving children from the harsh world which is human trafficking and was based within Hong Kong so we could actually see them in action.

得Tape wallets

On the 13th of December 2014, Hong Kong’s Junior Achievement businesses gathered in Chater Gardens for the fair. It was a relatively emotional event for everyone as the trade fair represented over six months of hard work and enduring balancing both studies and running a business at the same time. In short everyone was sad to see the seven hours go away in a blink of an eye, and new-found friends exchanged numbers and promised to contact one another on social media. It should be said that everyone who participated at the event was thankful that they had been offered an opportunity to experience managing an experience first-hand. We would like to thank all the investors who put faith in our business and supported us on the side-lines, as well as our business advisor and Ms Tsang of the Sha Tin College Business Education department.


得Tape CEO Anson Miu selling the products!


 The 得Tape team!

Daniel Chung 12P2