5 May 2016

Notice regarding lateness and attendance

Dear Parents/ Guardians


We have reviewed our approach to lateness and attendance and want to share this with you. This is primarily to support staff and students with a clear set of expectations around attendance and the process for dealing with lateness and/or absence.


Students who arrive late but before 8.35am

Students who are late for tutor time will be marked as late on Gateway by the Tutor. The student must go directly to their tutor room and inform the tutor that they are late.


Late students arriving after 8.35am

After 8.35am students who are late must go to their Section Office (Y7 and Y8 to Room 127, Y9-11 to 321 and Y12 and Y13 to Senior School Centre and register by signing in. (Lateness will be monitored and parents will be contacted if a pattern emerges).


Failure to swipe

Students must swipe in to school using their Octopus card. Failure to swipe on 3 occasions (per half term) results in a tutor report to Head of Year and parents being contacted.


Forgotten Octopus card

When a student forgets their Octopus card the same procedure as above is followed i.e. Failure to bring their card on 3 occasions (per half term) in order to swipe in tutor should report student to Head of Year who will contact parents.


Lost Octopus Card

Lost cards: tutor will register the student and then refer them to reception. Our Receptionist will then register a new Octopus card (this does not have to be a personalised Octopus card) for the student.


Student absence with no prior notice

If students are absent from school with no prior notice from parents the Section Administrators will contact parents/ guardians.


Student leaving school early

If a student needs to leave school early an email from a parent should be sent to the student’s tutor and Section Administrator. The email must include a brief reference as to why the student is leaving e.g. medical appointment. The student needs to have the email approved by their Tutor and the Section Administrator needs to be informed of the approval. When the student leaves school the student must sign out at reception (the Section Administrator will inform the Receptionist of the email).


Student who are unwell

If a student is unwell and cannot attend school parents need to email the Section Administrator informing her about the absence.

Parents of Y7 & Y8 (Lower School) students should email:


Parents of Y9-11 (Middle School) students should email: middleschoolabsences@shatincollege.edu.hk

Parents of Y12 & Y13 (Senior School) students should email:



Authorised absences

If students are absent during term time for any reason e.g. overseas family event/ sports tournament/music exam, parents need to email the relevant Section Administrators and Head of Section requesting the absence to be authorised. The Head of Year and Tutor should be included in the email. Parents should email in advance of the absence. We will require parents to provide available documentation e.g. letters confirming sporting events. If approved, the absence will then be entered into Gateway as an authorised absence.


Students are expected to email their teachers informing them of the dates of their authorised absence. Students must be proactive when requesting work tasks from their teachers to ensure that they do not fall behind.


Parents of Y7 & Y8 (Lower School) students should email: purvesl1@stconline.edu.hk;lowerschoolabsences@shatincollege.edu.hk

Parents of Y9-11 (Middle School) students should email: mays1@stconline.edu.hk


Parents of Y12 & Y13 (Senior School) students should email: parryj1@stconline.edu.hk



Kind regards


Lucie Purves                     Sian May                                   Jane Parry

Head of Lower School    Head of Middle School            Head of Senior School