6 May 2016

Language and Literature Independent Oral Commentary examination


Dear Year 12 Language and Literature parents

As you may be aware, your son/daughter has his/her Language and Literature Independent Oral Commentary examination next week.  This is an oral examination in which students are assessed on their understanding of a poem or extract from one of the literature texts they have been studying in class this term. It is an important examination and is worth 15% of their IB grade in Language & Literature (English).

I am attaching a copy of the examination timetable for your information.  This has already been shared with the students and your son/daughter should be familiar with the time of their examination.  The examination entails 20 minutes of preparation time which is invigilated by an external invigilator, followed by a 15 minute oral commentary that the student undertakes with his/her teacher and which is recorded.

As it is an important examination, students are allocated the five periods immediately prior to the examination as study leave.  They can take their study leave at home but should be in school at least 20 minutes prior to when their preparation time begins.  As soon as the examination is finished, students need to return to normal classes.  However, on Monday 9 May, all Year 12 students must be in school by 8.05am (irrespective of whether they have study leave or have an examination later on in the day) as they have to attend an important assembly that starts at 8.15am regarding examination regulations.

Like all other external examinations, this oral examination is compulsory and all Year 12 Language and Literature students have to sit it at the allocated time.  In the unlikely event that your son/daughter is sick on the day of the examination, s/he will need to contact the school before the examination starts and will need a doctor’s note to explain his/her absence.  The IOC examination will then be rescheduled later on in the week.

All the students have been prepared very well for these oral examinations, however, for many it is a stressful examination. We are very grateful for any support you can offer your son/daughter while s/he is studying for this examination.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of any further assistance.

Many thanks and kind regards

Ms Lindsay Tandy
Head of English Faculty