14 Mar 2019

Music Of The Night

The return of the annual Oculus Blind Concert sparked excitement among students, parents, and teachers alike.

Organised by a team of just 9 students working in collaboration with Orbis, the concert aimed to raise awareness of visual impairment while allowing a variety of students and guest performers to showcase their talents.  On Friday, 1st of March, the school hall was packed with musicians from all across Hong Kong who were invited to the event, where they would perform for a blindfolded audience.

The blindfolds allowed the audience to show a deeper appreciation for sight and music, as well as consider the real importance of senses in the musical experience and how different this experience would be in the absence of vision. From beautiful ballads, to stripped-down songs, and energetic rock music, the night was filled with a range of performances.

Carissa Lo (11D2), Jodie Wu (10G1) and Abby Lam (11P2) performing a beautiful ensemble. Photo by Yash Trivedi (12G2)

Bonnie Ng (13D2), a performer described the event as a “very worthwhile” experience. “As a member of the Oculus team last year, to attend an event that was previously held by us showed me the importance of the blind concert, as it allowed our community to both raise awareness for Orbis, and to hear talented performers take the stage!”

This year, a slight twist was placed on the second half of the concert. For a more direct contrast showing the true significance of sight, the audience members were invited to take their blindfolds off following the intermission, to truly immerse themselves in the music of the night. On top of musical performances, a special dance ensemble by Ingrid Lee (12P2) and Tiffany Chu (12P1) made the event all the more special!

Ronan Chan (13G2) performs a guitar solo for the audience. Photo by Kevin Do Cao (12G2)

The event came to a close with a dynamic rock performance from band, ‘Fun Music Learning Center’. Brian Li (13G1), pianist of the band, voiced his thoughts on the night, saying, “I really enjoyed the atmosphere. I think it was a great chance for our band to share our music with other people whilst also supporting such a great cause.”

Oculus project co-leader Emily Wong (12G2) also made some comments. “Eyesight is one of our most valuable senses,” she said, “which is why raising awareness for visual impairment is so important. After months of preparation for the concert, it was amazing to see both the audience and the performers enjoying themselves during the event, and the night turned out to be better than our team could ever have hoped for.”

The night was a huge success. Many thanks to all supporters who made this event possible.


Article by Tiffany Yu (12G2)


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