26 Feb 2019

HKSSF Squash 2019

This year was Sha Tin College’s first time participating in the 2019 HKSSF Squash Team Inter-school Competition, which lasted two weekends (19 – 20 January 201926 – 27 January 2019).

The team performed remarkably, with exceptional and competitive performances by the team members. Sha Tin College beat four other teams in a row to proceed to the semi-finals. It was unfortunate the team lost by a narrow margin (3-2) in the semi-finals, but redeemed themselves in the 3rd/4th place playoff by capturing 3rd place out of 14 teams. An outstanding performance for Sha Tin College’s debut in HKSSF Squash Team! Team members include Charles Ko, Andrew Ko, Ian Mo, Krish Agarwal, Stefan Choi, and Aran Gain. 

Special thanks to Mrs. Parry and Mr. Webster for supporting and taking care of the team during the competition.

Charles Ko, 12X2