7 Dec 2016

More tips for parents to support the revision process

Dear Year 13 Parents/Guardians

As you are fully aware, the Y13 mock examinations will take place from 3rd January to 17th January 2017. This period of time for Y13 students can be stressful and they will likely need support from you and us in managing this. You have already been asked to support their learning by encouraging them to log past examination papers and other revision activities in their “Next Steps” Google Sheet to ensure that they are working on the advice given by teachers. Please email Jonathan Barton at bartonj1@stconline.edu.hk if you want a link to your child’s Google Sheet.

We would like to recommend the following website and app http://www.stopbreathethink.org/. Y13 students should be familiar with this guided meditation app from their GTS lessons and assemblies. It is a useful means of  continuing to use the mindfulness course that students completed last year. As with all such approaches, it is incredibly helpful if teachers, parents and guardians support these initiatives. The following article is a good basis for interested you to understand this method further: https://goo.gl/Hpw4fd

We strongly recommend that an effective way of alleviating stress is for students to work in a structured and consistent way according to a study timetable. Students can create one here: https://goo.gl/MT135b

The attached article outlines key tips from experts on revision and these tips complement the guidance which students have received in assemblies: https://goo.gl/BxrccE

We believe one further key to success that The Guardian article above examines is the importance of sleep for academic performance. In order to perform at their best, students need to get to bed at a reasonable time and enjoy sleep that is uninterrupted by the use of smartphones/tablets/laptops. Therefore, you may also find this article from the Sleep Foundation to be of use: https://goo.gl/rSC33V

Our primary goal is to guide the students to be happy and successful and your support is vital in achieving this.

Warm regards,

Jonathan Barton        Jane Parry                         Paul Hoang
Head of Year 13         Head of Senior School     Vice Principal