Mission Statement, Values and Aims

Mission Statement

‘Ours is a culture where we take responsibility for fulfilling our own potential and that of others for the good of humanity at all levels.’

Values Statements

At Sha Tin College we value:

Holistic learning
Positive relationships
Curiosity and passion
Persistence and resilience

Sha Tin College Aims

A love of learning will permeate everything we do, uniting all members of the community.

At Sha Tin College we aim to:

1. Foster a spirit of inquiry, a sense of adventure and develop self-confidence and self-esteem in all members of our community.
2. Develop and consolidate a balanced, rigorous and relevant curriculum adaptive to the needs of all students.
3. Form and maintain meaningful communication with parents, partner schools and the wider community.
4. Maintain an English speaking and learning environment which embraces our multilingual community.
5. Induct all those new to our school in accordance with our values and beliefs so they are encouraged to feel part of our enterprise and mission, and embrace our culture.
6. Promote the ethos of creativity, action and service throughout school life and all curricula.
7. Facilitate opportunities for leadership, in its myriad forms, at every level.
8. Adopt an active, socially conscious and informed approach to both our own environment and the world around us so we can live in a safe, clean and sustainable world.
9. Work individually and in collaborative, interdisciplinary teams.
10. Listen to, and value, all voices, so we are a truly inclusive school.
11. Optimise relevant research about intelligence, thinking, the brain and the ways we learn, in order to reflect upon, and continually evaluate, what we do. This way every individual will flourish.
12. Enjoy life and nurture in everyone the feeling that their time at Sha Tin College is pleasurable and rewarding.
13. Encourage each individual to exceed their best in a culture where excellence is recognized in its multiple facets.
14. Prepare students to achieve ambitions beyond school: in further education, careers and in balanced ways for life-long learning, inspired by the values of the people at Sha Tin College.