26 Aug 2019

Message to Middle School Parents

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The new school year is in full swing at Sha Tin College – by now, your students have met all their teachers and signed up for their activities. In the Middle School assembly last week, students were encouraged to ask themselves ‘What can I contribute?’. Research tells us that prosocial behaviour has a positive effect on our wellbeing. Matching our individual strengths to the needs of others is a tried and proven formula for community and individual success. Do ask your daughter/son how they have answered the question!

Below, please find some information which will support your son/daughter’s success this year, including procedures for planned and unplanned absences from school, the uniform policy and key contacts for the Middle School.

Leave and Absence

If your daughter/son is unwell and unable to attend school then parents need to email our middle school administrator, informing her about the absence. Parents should cc their child’s tutor in the email. If students are expected to be absent during term time for any reason, e.g. overseas family event/sports’ tournament/music exam, parents need to email our middle school administrator and me, requesting the absence to be authorised. The Head of Year and tutor should be included in the email. Parents should email in advance of the absence – where possible, at least one week before the expected absence. We will require parents to provide available documentation, e.g. letters confirming sporting events.  If approved, the absence will then be entered into Gateway as an authorised absence.

Students are expected to email their teachers informing them of the dates of their authorised absence. Students must be proactive when requesting work tasks from their teachers to ensure that they do not fall behind.

Uniform Policy

Our full uniform policy is available online here, however as there has been much inconsistency across the student body, please take particular note of the following points:

  • Plain white or navy socks, long or short
  • Black low-heeled shoes/ trainers (all parts of the shoe/ trainer must be BLACK, including the sole of the shoe)

Key Contacts

With recent changes in the Middle School, please take note of the below contacts:

Head of Middle School – Dionne Lashley, lashld2@stconline.edu.hk

Middle School Administrator – Doris Tsoi, tsoim8@stconline.edu.hk

Lates & Absences – middleschoolabsences@stconline.edu.hk

Head of Year 7 – Debbie Hanley, hanleyd2@stconline.edu.hk

Head of Year 8 – Mathilde Hazenberg, hazenm1@stconline.edu.hk

Head of Year 9 – Caroline Wong, wongc16@stconline.edu.hk

I do hope the above points provide clarity. Please get in touch with your son/daughter’s tutor and/or respective Head of Year should there be any queries, or special circumstances of which you would like to make us aware.

With gratitude and warm regards,
Dionne Lashley

Head of Middle School